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Welcome to, a campaign dedicated to making New Jersey roadways safer by providing information about traffic safety cameras and supporting their continued use in communities across the state.
When drivers ignore one of our most basic traffic safety laws – “Stop on Red” – lives are put at risk. In 2012, 589 people were killed in our state in crashes, an average of more than one person per day.
New Jersey communities have successfully used traffic safety cameras to reduce crashes and make our state’s roadways safer for drivers, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists. In Newark, for instance, cameras have reduced red light running and resulting crashes by 23 percent since they were put into operation.
Despite this success, the state has limited the number of communities with access to this technology to only 25.  Further, the pilot program authorizing the use of safety cameras in the state will expire at the end of 2014.
Join with us and send a message that no one's life should be put at risk by a driver who can't be bothered to stop for a red light. Communities should have the ability to use safety cameras to save lives and keep their streets safe.
Help save a life today. Sign our e-pledge to continue the use of traffic safety cameras to keep New Jersey roads safe for everyone.
Why You Should Support Safety Cameras:
Safer for Cyclists 
Safer for Pedestrians
Safer NJ Roads
The City of Newark just released a video about the success of the City of Newark's red light photo enforcement program to change driver behavior, serve as a police force multiplier,
reduce crashes and save lives.
The video features New Jersey safety
advocates and TSC partners.